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Vendor Managed Inventory

Our options for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) put flexibility and reliability on the forefront, offering a simple and cost-effective solution for manufacturers of all sizes. Manual VMI’s can be a great solution for growing companies. Inventory is managed by our salespeople, so they are often able to pick up trends and adapt to changes on the fly. During a manual VMI, our salespeople are expected to check in with the key stakeholders. That way, it ensures they are working on projects that align with your company goals (increasing communication, cost savings projects, reducing transactions, etc.).

Butler Bros. VMI App

The Butler Bros. VMI mobile app is designed to ease the stress of reordering fast moving inventory. The Butler Bros. VMI app can be used by both the customer and the Butler Bros. sales representative. The app is powerful enough to scan and order consumables in real time. It can also scan items and generate a quote. This feature gives transparency to ALL order totals. The app's login page ensures security and gives a personalized display with order history and pending orders.


Scanning items is intuitive. By simply clicking the scan button in the app, the phone's camera will open and automatically locate the QR code on the VMI label. Once the item is scanned an order box will pop up to enter an order QTY allowing you to "add" that item to an order replenishment. Once the order is submitted, the data is automatically entered into our ERP system, eliminating timing data entry, and reducing mistakes.

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