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Stockroom Management

Our options for full stockroom management solutions reduces transactional costs, provides visibility to inventory, and improves service levels, offering a robust and hands-on solution for larger manufacturers looking for stockroom management. Integrated partnerships of appropriate size benefit from a Butler Bros. on-site employee who gains a detailed understanding of the customer’s business to manage their entire reorder process, inventory, and ordering nuances. The Butler Bros. on-site manager ensures that employees are serviced as quickly as possible to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of shut down.

Just like our approach with vending solutions, we believe our process for implementing full storeroom solutions is second to none. Our experience and dedicated integration team’s process showcases a level of service, commitment, and customization customers only see from a strong regional distributor like Butler Bros.

On-site Assistance

An important component to the full-crib integration is the Butler Bros. on-site employee. This employee spends all of their time in the customer’s tool crib or storeroom. Their role is to gain a detailed understanding of the business to help manage the entire reorder process, inventory, and ordering nuances. The Site Manager is also responsible for monitoring active and slow-moving inventory to make sure the customer is stocking efficiently. This often ensures employees are serviced quickly and the risk of a shutdown is minimized.

Each integrated site is also assigned a Butler Bros. outside Sales Representative. Their role is to connect with engineers and department leadership to drive application efficiencies and cost savings.

Reporting And Continuous Improvement

Reporting and continuous improvement is an essential part of what we provide to our integrated site customers. We are meticulous about the crib reports. We understand that the analytics and data from the reports can help the customer understand business trends so they can operate more efficiently. The reports we run often uncover opportunities for cost savings and opportunities to reduce inventory.

  • Increase Inventory Visibility: get a full view of inventory levels and availability across the enterprise for better production planning and a more efficiently managed inventory investment.

  • Control Rogue Spend: uncover opportunities to reduce spot buys and streamline communication to eliminate redundant purchasing.

  • Improve Purchase Visibility: leverage the reports to understand what is being purchased from whom, and how often.

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