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Custom-Engineered Tooling

Our customers today are needing more special complex tools to meet higher productivity needs. Sometimes, these applications are best suited for a custom tool. We do not shy away from strange or unusual requests, we embrace them. We realize that standard tooling isn’t always the most efficient or effective solution. Sometimes, a customer needs a blueprint special tool or custom designed cutting tool to reach the efficiencies needed for an application.

Our portfolio of custom tooling is vast. Below are a few examples of custom-built tools we have done in the past. We also have a variety of coatings that can be added to any of the tools.

  • Special end mills

    • Long length and extended length

    • Ballnose, bullnose and special radius end mills

    • Tapered end mills

    • Micro end mills

    • Corner rounding end mills

    • Concave radius end mills

  • Custom step drills

  • Drills and countersinks

  • Threadmills and special taps

  • Form tools & blueprint special tools

  • Porting tools

  • Reamers

  • Special indexable milling and turning tools

  • Chamfer tools

  • Dovetail cutters

  • Keyset cutters

  • Saws

  • Punch and broaching tools


Due to the complex nature of custom-built special tooling, we suggest that you connect with your local Butler Bros. technical sales representative. You can also begin the process online by following the link below.

Regrinds And Tool Resharping

Regrinding carbide tooling can be a cost-effective way to extend the life of tooling. We have strategic partnerships with grind shops spread throughout our territories to better serve our customers. The quality of tool regrinding and reconditioning is paramount. We also believe that having local service reduces lead time and freight costs.

To learn more about tool regrinding and reconditioning, please reach out to your local Butler Bros. representative.

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