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Factory Intelligence

Your Partner today, for the changes of tomorrow

Our Factory Intelligence page is the place to discover how our consultative approach to innovative and disruptive technologies can transform the manufacturing process. With our approach, customers can optimize their production line, reduce downtime, and increase profits. We understand that choosing the right solution can be overwhelming, which is why we are here to help make the right decision. Our team of technology advocates will guide the process, ensuring that customers select the technology that best fits their business.

So, whether it is machining intelligence or other automated solutions, Butler Bros. has you covered. We aim to transform our customer’s manufacturing processes and take their business to the next level. Connect with our team today for further consultation


LiquidTool Coolant Management

LiquidTool is the World’s first plug and play coolant management system. LiquidTool’s sensor automatically and regularly measures coolant concentration and temperature. Customers can enjoy up to the minute data on all CNC machines from everywhere at any time with any device.

The LiquidTool Sensor is magnetically attached close to the coolant tank. The sensor regularly pumps cutting fluid and measures its concentration and temperature. The measured data is then sent to the LiquidTool Manager cloud and analyzed in real-time. The data is instantly available. If intervention is necessary, a notification is sent.

Customers looking for more automation can use AutoPilot from LiquidTool. AutoPilot can connect 1 or several machines and will automatically top-off every machine individually as soon as one parameter is out of its defined range. A notification is sent for all actions the LiquidTool AutoPilot executes. So, whether the shop has one machine or 50 machines, a central system or distributed shop floors, the LiquidTool system can provide consistent and reliable data with full visibility and transparency.

Datanomix - Production Intelligence

Datanomix captures data directly from the machines on the shop floor, allowing our customers to gain valuable insights into their production process. With Datanomix, our customers can monitor their equipment’s performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency. By creating an intuitive and scalable shop floor ecosystem that truly adopts the concept of, “No Operator Input”, Datanomix sets the stage of the future for enhancing shop floor efficiency.

The Datanomix platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including machine monitoring, job tracking, and performance analytics. This allows our customers to make data-driven decisions and streamline their production processes. With Datanomix, our customers can improve their bottom line by reducing downtime, improving quality, and increasing throughput.

The software can also be used in conjunction with other robotics, extending its automated production intelligence coverage to Universal Robot cells, helping power lights-out and automated operations at precision manufacturers.


Advanced Automation

Advanced Automation offers a range of products and services, including robotics, vision systems, and custom automation solutions. Our team of experts work closely with Advanced Automation to design and implement custom automation solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs. This includes everything from robot programming to custom machine design, allowing our customers to streamline their manufacturing processes and improve their overall efficiency.

By partnering with Advanced Automation, we provide our customers with access to the latest automation technologies and expertise. Additionally, Advanced Automation’s expertise in vision systems and other advanced technologies helps us identify and address potential issues before they become problems, further improving our customers’ manufacturing processes.

With this technology we can provide our customers with more tools and expertise they need to optimize their manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and increase their bottom line!

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