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Blaser Swisslube

Blaser Swisslube – the Liquid Tool.

Blaser Swisslube manufactures and sells environmentally and operator-friendly metalworking fluids for the precision engineering industry. Their wide range of products includes neat cutting oils, water miscible coolants, grinding oils and minimal quantity lubricants (MQL).


Blaser has been manufacturing metalworking fluid products for over 80 years. They design human-compatible and environmentally considerate products that focus on increasing manufacturing productivity.

The best coolant I've ever used

Why Blaser Swisslube?

Blaser is one of the world’s leading providers of coolants and lubricants in the world. Blaser cutting fluids are renowned for their unmatched quality and ability to cut costs and improve efficiencies in manufacturing businesses. Blaser’s partner shops recognize that Blaser operates a little differently than most other metalworking fluid companies. Blaser’s unique mix of machining experts, customized services and excellent products turns your metalworking fluid into a key success factor - a Liquid Tool.

  1. Innovation: Blaser has been on the forefront of innovation since they began 80 years ago. The innovation behind products like Synergy 735 and Vasco 6000 has become the gold standard in metalworking fluids in the industry.

  2. Quality: Quality is taken seriously at every level at Blaser. To guarantee the consistently high quality products, Blaser had its quality management system ISO 9001 certified back in 1994 as one of the first Swiss companies in the industry.

  3. Operator Health and Safety: Operator safety is important to Blaser and important to us. Blaser makes it a point to create well tolerated and user-friendly metalworking fluids. They spare no dime to ensure their products comply with the highest workplace safety standards. The result is fewer health-related issues and greater employee motivation.

  4. Technical “Know-How”: Blaser’s “team approach” to selling ensures that we put together an optimally customized proposition. Blaser has specialists in all product categories, so it is common for their sales representatives to travel with product engineers. This results in direct, candid answers in a timely manner.

  5. End to End Service: We will help your team: 1) analyze your process water; 2) test your metalworking fluids and oils for human, material, and machine compatibly; 3) show you how to properly mix and store the emulsion; 4) show you how to clean your machines and systems; and 5) help you track and maintain product levels.

World class training and support, water quality testing, machine prep training, onsite training
Water miscible coolant range, neat cutting oils, grinding oils, minimal quantity lubricants (MQL)

Click the “Learn More” link to be redirected to the full line of Blaser product built on the website. Please be sure to call, email, or reach out to your local Butler Bros. representative for pricing and product recommendations

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